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Pennsylvania aSSOCIATion

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Pennsylvania Association

of Student Assistance Professionals 

 Advanced CERTIFICATE OF professional Development


PASAP believes that the health of our youth is the basis of our future. We recognize that there are detrimental influences in the areas of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, mental health, as well as other concerns that will continue to adversely affect the health of our youth. As a result of this recognition and our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our youth, the Pennsylvania Association of Student Assistance Professionals is committed to supporting and networking in the areas of prevention, intervention, treatment, aftercare, ongoing support services, and education to all those individuals or organizations who foster this same commitment.

In order to support these efforts, PASAP offers professional development opportunities to school and child-serving agencies who support the Student Assistance Program in Pennsylvania.  Professional development opportunities are offered by PASAP through webinars, regional workshops, and the annual conference.  As a result, PASAP is offering a special recognition to Student Assistance professionals who are PASAP MEMBERS and are certified by the Pennsylvania Network of Student Assistance Services as having met the standards and competencies for the Pennsylvania Student Assistance Training and are approved by the Student Assistance Program Interagency Committee. 

Submitting A Training

  • Use the link below to submit a training for approval. 
  • If there are multiple training sessions for an event, a form for each session that you attended must be submitted. 
  • For example, if you attend the PASAP Conference, a form must be submitted for each session/workshop that you attended. 



1.  PASAP Membership;  If not currently a member, go to

2.  PNSAS SAP Training Certificate, approved by the Student Assistance Program Interagency Committee.  

3.   Attend a minimum of two 1 hour trainings/sessions in each of the standards outlined in the Commonwealth Student Assistance training system listed below and accumulate a minimum of 20 hours of training.

a.  Standard 1: Foundations of Student Assistance in Pennsylvania
b.  Standard 2: The Student Assistance Team and Process
c.  Standard 3: Working Collaboratively to Engage Families and School/Community Partners in the SAP Process
d.  Standard 4: Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Issues 

  4.  Submit all trainings to PASAP. You will receive a confirmation email when the training has been successfully completed.

5.  Non-PASAP professional development trainings are considered and accepted. The following additional information is required:  

a.  Title of training,
b.  Description of training,
c.  Location and length of  training,
d.  Bio of trainer,
e.  Any additional supporting information about the training; agenda, website, handout, etc.

6. The Advanced Certificate of Professional Development Log must be completed within four years of the final training submitted for approval; this does not include PNSAS SAP Training.

7.  A PASAP Advanced Certificate of Professional Development will be issued after successful completion of the Training Log and all submissions have been reviewed and approved by the PASAP Board of Directors. 

Pennsylvania Association of Student Assistant Professionals

P.O. Box 1254

State College, PA 16804

PASAP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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