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The PASAP Board of Directors are proud to recognize these outstanding SAP Teams, Individuals, and Organizations who have demonstrated effort, above and beyond, in developing effective SAP Programs, Extraordinary Vision, and Distinguished Service in the field of Student Assistance.

We are beyond grateful for their service and dedication to Pennsylvania youth and would like to thank those who have also acknowledged their awesome service by nominating them for this PASAP Award. 

Visionary Award

This award is presented to a member of the association who has expressed and demonstrated a key vision for student assistance in Pennsylvania. Through this vision, the individual has made important contributions both to the PASAP organization and to the cause of student assistance….we are fortunate in Pennsylvania to have many individuals who have embraced the advancement of SAP and PASAP. Lisa Sviben-Miller is the epitome of the Visionary. She has consistently “walked the walk” and has truly helped to define how we do what we do! Lisa served on the PASAP Board for sixteen years and answered the call as President for eleven years – that’s dedication! Her vision for PASAP encouraged the growth of partnerships and saw the diversification of PASAP activities such as regional conferences, webinars, and Advanced Standing Recognition. Lisa has been involved in state committees always advocating for the benefits of SAP in our schools and successfully seeking additional ways to weave SAP into the fabric of our systems. There is not enough space to document the contributions made by Lisa Sviben-Miller to SAP and PASAP but it is safe to say that without her vision, commitment, and leadership it would likely look different. Thank you Lisa for sharing your vision so that we all could benefit. We gratefully applaud you as the 2022 PASAP Visionary Award winner.

Distinguished Service Award

Mrs. Barb Boland has served as the Conrad Weiser SAP Coordinator for more than eleven years. While the entire SAP Team cares about children, Barb is known to “take it to the next step.” When she refers students and families for assistance, she doesn’t stop there, she helps to navigate insurance challenges and seeks options for those without insurance. Barb also works to ensure the availability of programs and groups from outside providers such as the Boys and Girls Club. Her caring concern with clothing shopping expeditions, Thanksgiving food baskets, and Christmas gifts for families in need does not go unnoticed. Thank you Mrs. Boland for caring about your students and colleagues, you are the 2022 Distinguished Service Award winner.

Distinguished Elementary SAP Team

The Fort Cherry Elementary Center SAP Team is a team that works together to put children first and is actively involved in many facets of their community. The learning community relies significantly on the SAP team to collect data and put intervention plans in place as well as to follow up and monitor students. They have assisted with putting in place an amazing menu of interventions for their small, rural district, helping with morning and small group tutoring, academic subject specific clubs as well as Social-Emotional skills groups and individual mentoring from team members with a focus on evidence based initiatives. Another example of their service is the creation of a food pantry, Helping Hands, which is stocked entirely from donations. They seek ways to benefit their entire community even organizing professional development opportunities for the staff to learn more about mental health and the needs in the community. Thank you Fort Cherry Elementary Center SAP Team for supporting and encouraging healthy habits in your district’s youngest members as well as in the whole community! We celebrate you as the 2022 Distinguished Elementary SAP Team.

Distinguished Secondary SAP Team

The Central York High School ROARS Team has been serving students for seventeen years with many members having served for up to fifteen years! This amazing team works together, seeking innovative approaches to meet as many student needs as possible. This volunteer team has evolved to stay current with the changing mental health concerns at the school and in the world. In light of these concerns, they wrote, applied for and received a grant to assist with mental health therapy for SAP students. Their work with prevention and education regarding substance abuse is cited as a model by their SAP trainers. Thank you ROARS Team for your significant commitment and contribution to the wellness of the Central York High School community. We are proud to honor you as the 2022 Distinguished Secondary SAP Team.

Friend of PASAP

The Penn Stater Conference Center has long been a valued partner with PASAP. Their professionalism, pleasant accommodations, and delicious food is enjoyed by all conference participants but it’s the behind the scenes cooperative spirit, embracing PASAP and our mission that is truly invaluable. From finding space, tools, etc. that don’t exist to the understanding compassion with last minute changes due to the pandemic - they are a true friend and partner.

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